Meet the Urban Water Institute Board of Directors

UWI Board of Directors 2024

About Our Board of Directors

The Urban Water Institute is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors drawn from hands-on policy makers, elected officials and industry leaders who are active in the water resources industry. The Board of Directors meets semi-annually during UWI’s Spring and Fall Conferences.

Active members of the Urban Water Institute who are in good standing are entitled to a seat on the Board, in accordance with UWI's bylaws and the appointment process below. 

Our Board of Directors

Our Board is comprised of water industry leaders who represent a cross-section of water districts, city and county water departments, engineering and consulting firms, law firms, water-related nonprofits, and representatives of the academic community. Scroll to the bottom of this page to meet our current Board of Directors. 

In Memoriam

UWI recognizes the contributions and achievements of our past leaders who are no longer with us:

  • Wayne Clark: UWI Founder (1928-2018)
  • John Thornton: UWI Founding member (1946-2024)
  • Jim Noyes: former UWI Chair & Executive Director (1943-2024)

How to Appoint a Board Member

If your organization is currently a member of UWI in good standing, you may designate a Board member by contacting our Marketing & Admin Director. Please provide the name of your organization, name of the Board member you wish to designate, their written bio and contact info. 

New members are added to the Board during the semi-annual Board of Directors meetings, which typically take place on the first day of the Spring and Fall Conferences. Potential Board members are asked to be present at the meeting to introduce themself and discuss their interest in serving on the Board. The Board will then vote to accept their position, and their term will begin effective immediately.

UWI Executive Committee

An Executive Committee comprised of UWI Board members is involved in the hands-on operations of the organization. The Executive Committee includes the Board Chair, First Vice Chair, Second Vice Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, past Board Chairs and the Executive Director.  The members of the Executive Committee are appointed by the Board Chair to serve an annual term. The Board Chair may appoint additional members to the Executive Committee when special expertise will enhance the organization's operations. 

The Executive Committee meets monthly to plan and coordinate a wide range of UWI activities, including conferences, special events, strategic planning, marketing and more. Meetings are typically held the fourth Monday of each month.

UWI Planning Committee

A Planning Committee Chair may be appointed by the Board Chair to assist with planning UWI’s conferences and special events. The Planning Committee may also assist with specific functions such as membership recruitment, guest speakers, and other key tasks.

UWI Membership Committee

A Membership Committee Chair may be appointed by the Board Chair to assist with membership development and recruitment. The Membership Committee is also charged with developing recruitment strategies and materials, outlining member benefits, and membership-related reporting.

UWI Policy Committee

A Policy Committee Chair may be appointed by the Board Chair to assist with water policy-related matters. UWI does not engage in advocacy, but focuses on providing objective information to our members who conduct advocacy on behalf of their respective organizations. The Policy Committee is responsible for monitoring federal, state and local legislative and administrative policy proposals to identify where to provide information to other groups regarding water industry rules, regulations, laws and administrative actions.

UWI Board of Directors

  • Andree Lee

    Andree Lee

    Vice President, EKI Environment & Water, Inc.

    Board Chair

  • Dave Pedersen

    Dave Pedersen

    General Manager, Las Virgenes Municipal Water District

    1st Vice Chair

  • Rich Nagel

    Vice President, Jacobs

    2nd Vice Chair

  • Lisa Ohlund

    Lisa Ohlund

    Principal, Ohlund Management & Technical Services


  • Jason Phillips

    Jason Phillips

    Chief Executive Officer, Friant Water Authority


  • Darcy Burke

    Darcy Burke

    Director, Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District

    Planning Chair

  • Shivaji Deshmukh

    Shivaji Deshmukh

    General Manager, Inland Empire Utilities Agency

    Membership Chair

  • Fernando Paludi

    Fernando Paludi

    General Manager, Trabuco Canyon Water District

    Policy Chair

  • Steve Bucknam Jr.

    Steve Bucknam Jr.

    President, Bucknam & Associates

    Executive Committee

  • Larry Dick

    Director, Metropolitan Water District of Southern California

    Executive Committee

  • Greg Quist

    Greg Quist

    Director, Rincon del Diablo Municipal Water District

    Executive Committee

  • Matt Stone

    Santa Clarita Valley Water Agency

    Executive Committee

  • Ane Deister

    Ane Deister

    Executive Director, Urban Water Institute

    Executive Director

  • Jim Atkinson

    Jim Atkinson

    Director, Mesa Water District


  • Alan Boyce

    President, Materra Farming Company LLC


  • Paul Brown

    Paul Brown

    President, Paul Redvers Brown Inc.


  • Justin Caporusso

    Justin Caporusso

    Executive Director, Mountain Counties Water Resources Association


  • Kathleen Coates-Hedberg

    Kathleen Coates-Hedberg

    Director, Helix Water District


  • Gil Crozes

    Gil Crozes

    Senior Vice President, Carollo Engineers


  • Michael Engelbrecht

    Managing Director, Wells Fargo Public Finance


  • Steve Erie

    Steve Erie

    Professor Emeritus


  • Sean Fitzgerald

    Sean Fitzgerald

    Founder & Principal, Vox Civic


  • Tom Francis

    Water Resources Manager, BAWSCA


  • Carol Lee Gonzales-Brady

    Carol Lee Gonzales-Brady

    Vice President, Rancho Water


  • Kevin Hunt

    Partner, Hunt Thornton Resource Strategies


  • Rob Katherman

    Director, Water Replenishment District


  • Tom Love

    General Manager, Upper San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District


  • Gary Martin

    Gary Martin

    Board President, Santa Clarita Valley Water Agency


  • Russ Martin

    Russ Martin

    Director, Mission Springs Water District


  • Frank Martinez

    Frank Martinez

    Principal, Envetco Engineering Services, Inc.


  • Malissa McKeith

    Founder/President, Citizens United for Resources and the Environment, Inc.


  • Craig Miller

    Craig Miller

    General Manager, Western Municipal Water District


  • Jeff Mosher

    Jeff Mosher

    General Manger, Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority


  • Greg Newmark

    Greg Newmark

    Meyers Nave


  • Mark Pestrella

    Director of Public Works, Los Angeles County - Department of Public Works


  • David Pettijohn

    Los Angeles Department of Water & Power


  • Brian Probolsky

    Brian Probolsky

    Director, Moulton Niguel Water District


  • Isabel Rios

    Director, Partner Relations, Discovery Cube


  • Bob Siemak

    Bob Siemak

    RCS Consulting Group


  • Peer Swan

    District Secretary, Irvine Ranch Water District


  • Marilyn Thoms

    Marilyn Thoms

    Director, East Orange County Water District


  • Ray Tremblay

    Departmental Engineer, Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts


  • Adam Zacheis

    Brown & Caldwell


UWI Executive Staff

  • Paula Currie

    Paula Currie

    Events Director, Urban Water Institute

    Events Director

  • Jessica Ouwerkerk

    Jessica Ouwerkerk

    Marketing & Admin Director, Urban Water Institute

    View Profile


    Marketing & Admin Director