Academic Water Programs in California

California Academic Water Programs

Academic water programs play a crucial role in addressing California's water challenges. There are a number of water-focused academic programs and research centers throughout the state. 

These universities focus on a wide range of water-related issues, including water conservation, water quality, climate change adaptation, marine and coastal ecosystem management, and irrigation efficiency. 

University of California Water Programs

Multi-campus Initiatives

California Institute for Water Resources: California Institute for Water Resources (CIWR) is a multi-campus research, extension, and education institute dedicated to solving California's water-related challenges.

California Sea Grant: California Sea Grant is a statewide program that works to enhance the sustainable use and conservation of California's coastal and marine resources through research, education, and outreach.

UC Berkeley

Berkeley Water Center: UC Berkeley is a leading research university with a strong focus on water research and education. The university houses several centers and programs dedicated to understanding and managing water resources, including the Berkeley Water Center and the Institute for Environmental Energy and Sustainability Water Program.

Wheeler Water Institute: A division of UC Berkeley Law, the Wheeler Institute combines robust analysis with forward-looking policy recommendations in order to inform effective decision making. It focuses on actionable research projects that combine law, policy and science.

UC Davis

Center for Watershed Sciences: UC Davis is home to the Center for Watershed Sciences, which conducts research and provides education and outreach on watershed management. The center addresses issues related to water quality, quantity, and ecosystem health.

Tahoe Environmental Research Center: The Tahoe Environmental Research Center is a research and education center dedicated to protecting and restoring Lake Tahoe. The center conducts research on a variety of issues affecting the lake, including water quality, climate change, and invasive species.

UC Irvine

Center for Hydrometeorology and Remote Sensing: CHRS at UC Irvine advances the understanding of Earth's water and climate systems through the integration of remote sensing, modeling, and data analysis.

Water UCI: Water UCI fosters collaborative research, education, and outreach to address critical water challenges facing California, the nation, and the world.

Weather-Energy Nexus (WEX) Center: WEX at UC Irvine explores the interconnectedness of weather, climate, and energy systems, aiming to develop sustainable solutions for energy production and distribution. 

UC Los Angeles 

Institute of the Environment and Sustainability Water Program: The Water Program at UCLA's Institute of the Environment and Sustainability aims to advance sustainable water management practices through research, education, and outreach.

UC Merced 

Sierra Nevada Research Institute: The Sierra Nevada Research Institute at UC Merced focuses on understanding and addressing environmental challenges in the Sierra Nevada, including water resource management, climate change, and wildfire.

UC Riverside 

Water Resources Archives and Collections: The Water Resources Archives and Collections at UC Riverside preserves and provides access to historical and contemporary records related to water resources in California and the Southwest.

UC San Diego 

Center for Western Weather and Water Extremes: The Center for Western Weather and Water Extremes at UC San Diego investigates the interconnectedness of weather, climate, and water systems in the western United States, aiming to improve predictions and understanding of extreme events.

UC Santa Barbara 

Energy and Water Sustainability Research Program: The Energy and Water Sustainability Research Program at UC Santa Barbara seeks to develop sustainable solutions for energy and water use through integrated research and education.

UC Santa Cruz 

Center for Integrated Water Research: The Center for Integrated Water Research at UC Santa Cruz fosters interdisciplinary research and collaboration to address complex water challenges, promoting sustainable water management practices.

California State University Water Programs 

Multi-campus Initiatives

Water Resources and Policy Initiative: A multi-campus research institute at the California State University system, WRPI tackles California's water challenges through research, education, and outreach, focusing on water conservation, quality, and climate change adaptation.

Council on Ocean Affairs, Science, and Technology: A state agency advising the California Natural Resources Agency on marine and coastal issues, COAST promotes sustainable management of these resources through scientific policy advice, research, and public education.

Cal Poly 

Irrigation Training and Research Center: Dedicated to improving irrigation efficiency and sustainability, ITRC conducts research, provides education, and promotes sustainable irrigation practices among farmers and water users.

CSU Fresno

Center for Irrigation Technology: CIT, a research and education center at California State University, Fresno, focuses on advancing irrigation technologies and practices to improve water use efficiency, sustainability, and crop production.

California Water Institute: A non-profit organization dedicated to addressing California's water challenges, CWI conducts research, provides education, and develops innovative solutions to promote sustainable water management and conservation.

International Center for Water Technology: ICWT, a non-profit organization, provides training and technical assistance in irrigation and water management to developing countries, aiming to improve agricultural productivity and water use efficiency.

CSU Pomona

Center for Turf, Irrigation, and Landscape Technology: CTILT focuses on research, education, and outreach related to turfgrass, ornamental plants, landscape irrigation technology, landscape operations, sports turf and golf course management, and the preservation of natural resources.

CSU Sacramento 

Office of Water Programs: OWP oversees water-related programs and initiatives at CSU Sacramento, providing support for research, education, and outreach activities focused on water conservation, water quality protection, and sustainable water management practices.

CSU San Bernardino

Water Resources Institute: WRI conducts research and provides education and outreach on water resources management in the Inland Empire region of California, addressing issues related to water scarcity, groundwater sustainability, and water quality.

CSU San Diego 

Coastal Waters Laboratory: CWL conducts research and provides education and outreach focused on the marine and coastal ecosystems of southern California, addressing issues such as water quality, pollution, and climate change impacts.

Pacific Institute

Pacific Institute: The mission of the Pacific Institute is to create and advance solutions to the world’s most pressing water challenges and to create a world in which society, the economy, and the environment have the water they need to thrive.

Stanford University

Water in the West: WITW is a program at Stanford University dedicated to understanding and addressing water challenges in the western United States, conducting research, providing education and outreach, and fostering collaboration among stakeholders.

Woods Institute Global Freshwater Initiative: GFWI is an initiative at Stanford University focused on solving global freshwater challenges, conducting research, developing solutions, and promoting collaboration among policymakers, scientists, and stakeholders worldwide.

University of Southern California 

USC Sea Grant: USC Sea Grant, a research, education, and outreach program, tackles the challenges of the urban ocean and promotes sustainable practices for California's coastal and marine resources, focusing on water quality, harmful algal blooms, and marine wildlife.